Content Optimization Strategies – The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to learn Content Optimization Strategies?

If it is so, then you are in the right place.

Here I will be sharing the complete details to rank on the first position of Google.

For ranking in the top position of Google, you need to publish amazing content, and for that, you need to optimize according to the search engine requirements.

In this guide, you will be learning how to create content that Google loves, and the strategies that you can use even in 2020.

SEO Writing – Content Optimization

So, here in the SEO writing section, you will be learning straightforward techniques to learn, how to publish a content which is SEO Friendly.

What Is SEO Writing?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Writing is the development of optimized content that is made to rank in the search engine result page.

SEO Writing Is Important But Why?

After seeking several results in the search results I found that Content is king.

There isn’t any secret key to rank in the first result.

But in the previous article Off-Page SEO, It was explaining that On-Page is not enough.

But why here.

It is because if you are performing a good job in Off-Page but lacking the quality content. There is a chance that you will lose your ranking very soon.

Always Remember Amazing Content + Powerful Off-Page SEO = Great Content.

How To Write SEO-Friendly Article?

Write Content Ideas

It might be looking irrelevant, but if you are writing without any plan you will stuck at a point and you will be completely empty.

That’s why before writing any article, you must be confident that what you are writing, and what you need to write.

After doing this, the entire procedure will be 10 times easier.

What are the ways of finding SEO-Friendly content?

First is to use the question and answer website/tool.

Getting the questions that your readers are looking for is the first step towards the online Key of success.

It would be beneficial for you when you answer those questions along by inserting your content link.

This process provide 2 benefits,

First is you are getting a quality backlink, and if readers visiting through that link it will create an effective link juice.

Second, you will get a chance to interact with a new audience, who can become the permanent reader of your blog.

Some of the Q&A sites are

  1. Quora
  2. Reddit
  3. Answer the public

Use Table Of Content

Yes, you read it right, Table of content plays a great role for in the blog article optimization.

Do you know?

Such a big website like Wikipedia even using the table of content.

Wikipedia - Content Optimization

As you can see in the above screenshot.

The article social media marketing is written on Wikipedia using a table to content.

The table of content is helpful for the reader for finding the topics easily they were looking for.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the only thing that almost most of the newbie ignore before publishing the content.

But they don’t know how a blunder mistake they did, right now.

Suppose, you are the publisher and you haven’t researched the keyword properly, and you jumped to write the content.

You have no idea of traffic potential, keyword power, competition, etc.

So, most people fail here, and it is the biggest mistake they ever do in their blogging lifetime.

Always Remember Never jump into writing without proper research.

There are a variety of Free and Premium tools available to do keyword research like a pro.

Some of these tools are

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Moz

Create Content Outline

Content outline are helpful for both the publisher and reader, if they are your regular reader.

Being a publisher if your website has a same content layout it would be easier for you as well as for your readers too.

Let me explain you again with the Wikipedia example.

In the Wikipedia all the article written are based on a structure and all the article follow the same layout structure.

Use Keywords

Inserting keywords smartly in the article is also an art of writing great quality content.

A question may be arising then how often one should insert the keywords

It all depends on your writing.

But, one of the most famous SEO tool Yoast SEO suggest to insert maximum keywords in the longer articles.

If you are exceeding the number it can be a bit over optimized, means it is hard to achieve a good position in the SERP.

But you don’t think much about these things.

Here is a quick tip how to use the focus keywords.

It should be in the

  1. URL
  2. Title tag
  3. First 100 Words
  4. H1 tag
  5. At least one H2 tag

If you followed these points means you have did a great content optimization.

how to use keywords

Optimize Title

Title optimization has the main role in bringing the quality organic traffic. It all depends on how you are making your keywords clickable.

For title optimization I follow a few points which make me bring a quality traffic from Google in a good amount.

I insert

  • Numbers (1,2,3,4,)
  • Power Words (Best, Top, Effortless)
  • Short But Meaningful Title (50 – 60 Char)

To clarify you in a better let me share and example with you.

Example: Top 10 Effortless Ways To Lose Weight.

This types of titles appear in the SERP has a more chance of getting clicks.

Optimize Meta Description

After the title tag meta description also plays a very effective role in content optimization.

It is after reading the title there is a chance that reader might have a look at the meta tag too.

Suppose they find even meta tag attractive there is 99% chance that they will jump to your article for sure even if it is not available on the top 3 postions.

Internal Linking

The role of internal linking is amazing, as per my experience I have found that internal linking has the power to rank the whole website very effectively.

Let me share one of my experience when I was a newbie.

Once I created a blog, I was just posting quality articles regularly, there were no change in the website authority.

I was getting only a limited number of visitor per day.

By chance one of my article ranked on the first position.

You won’t believe, but after that article almost all of my article start getting a good amount of rank. It happens because I was using internal linking in all of my blog posts.

But it can be only helpful when you are linking with the relatable links, which has any type of relation with the ranked article.

Use Media (Image/Video/Graphics)

Media are not most important in SEO Writing but it is helpful For SEO in different ways for content optimization.

In addition, it makes our content attractive and more readable, and interesting.

I always recommend to use Inforgraphics, videos, images, etc. because there is a chance that if your article is not ranking then your image may rank, and it is much more helpful for bringing quality organic traffic.

You can

  • Embed videos
  • Use Infographics
  • Insert pictures
  • Add screenshots

I hope you are going to insert multi media from your next blog posts.

Wrap Up

I hope you really enjoyed the Content Optimization article.

If you have reached at this point can you share which point your find the more helpful.

Each Share is very important for us so don’t forget to share it with your blogger friends

Peace Out!


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